Country Music is all about the feeling.






Sarah B singing “Cowboy Casanova”  

Written by Mike Elizondo, Brett James, & Carrie Underwood

Originally performed by Carrie Underwood


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Sarah B's Story


Where the Music Began

Sarah was born in Santa Ana, CA and will always be a Southern California girl. Sarah B’s musical story began when she was in 1st grade, escorted from classroom to classroom with her older brother by the Principal to sing to the other classes in Heideman Elementary School. The Principal had so much faith in her talent she encouraged Sarah and her brother to audition for the local production of The Sound of Music. Although, she was young, Sarah still remembers how nervous she was to audition for the show, but she did it anyway. Sarah B was in her Junior High Concert Choir at Columbus Tustin Middle School in Tustin, CA. It was then she learned how much she loved to perform. She was able to perform in her school’s talent show, but without an instrumental track for the song she wanted to perform, Karen White’s “Superwoman”, she had to lip sync it. Sarah learned she had a large vocal range at a young age. In junior high she volunteered to sing the male part of the “Beauty and the Beast” duet in her choir performance. In high school, Sarah was able to further explore her range. She was awarded with the “Best Tenor” award, over the male tenors. After high school, Sarah B was determined to not live at home forever and 2 months after she graduated high school, she was working full time for the corporate office of L.A. Fitness in Newport Beach, CA. While working there, Sarah B was able to grow up.  At 19 years of age Sarah B paid for her own driving lessons, got her driver’s license, bought her first car (a 1984 Honda Civic) with money she had saved, and moved out into her first apartment (without a cosigner). Sarah B had a great support system in her friends and co-workers who cheered her on every step of the way. A few years later, Sarah B had to decide where to move because her rent was about to go up $100 a month. So, on May 25th, 2000 she packed up her car with what would fit and drove 2000 miles to Nashville, TN.

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Journey to the Music

On May 27th, 2000 Sarah B arrived in Nashville, TN and lived in a hotel her first week in town.  She had moved to pursue her dream of becoming a Country Artist and was excited to see what adventures she would encounter along the way.  Since 2000, Sarah B has done what she could on her limited budget to pursue her dream.  She has had the wonderful opportunity to sing at the Bluebird Café’s writer’s night more than once.  Sarah B is an independent woman and has always been an overachiever who does not give up.  However, she knows the love and support of her close friends has helped through the hard times and loves being able to share her accomplishments with them.  Sarah has auditioned for every show you can think of American Idol (6 times), America's Got Talent (6 times), Nashville Star (3 times), The Voice (9 times), The X Factor (once), and Star Search (once). Currently, Sarah B enjoys going downtown in Nashville to sing whenever and whereever she can. She has been able to sing a full 4 hour set at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge with the live band and is honored to have the support of her musical friends who allow her to crash their shows from time to time. You can normally catch her singing karaoke when she can at Wannab’s, Wild Beaver, AJ's Good Time Bar and various other karaoke venues in downtown Nashville, TN. She made it to the semi-finals of a local singing competition at Wild Wing Café in Cool Springs.  Sarah B is extremely grateful to everyone who has liked her pages, watched her videos, and shared her music with their friends.  Please continue doing so and help Sarah B live her dream.  This is a journey that is better when shared.

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Music Inspired By Music

Sarah B finds inspiration in the careers of Country Music artists, Dolly Parton (her favorite female song writer), Reba McEntire (her favorite female performer), and Martina McBride (her favorite female vocalist). Sarah has loved Country music since she was 12 years old which was when she begun song writing.  Sarah B defines her style as Country with Soul because she truly believes music is all about the feeling.  You will often hear her say, "If you don't feel it, don't sing it."  With the loving support of her family of friends, Sarah has been encouraged to continue pursuing her dream no matter how many times she hears the word “no”.  Sarah is determined to achieve her ultimate goal and is currently working on getting more of her original music ready to be recorded.

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